About Us

Tanyigbe Senior High School (TASHS) is a community based school, established on 28th January, 1991 with a population of fifteen (15) students and two (2) National Service Personnel. It was however fully absorbed by the government of Ghana with boarding facilities.

The school offers five (5) programs, namely: General Arts, Business Accounting,  Home Economics, Agricultural Science and Visual ArtsCurrently the school's population is over 500.

The school, located on the Ho-Tokokoe road is about 10 minutes drive from Ho, the Capital of the Volta Region. Like all new institutions, the going was difficult.  It was not easy to attract commuted teaching staff and students but Tanyigbe Community was determined to have a Secondary School at all cost, in order to curtail schooling in distant places by their children/wards.

The paramount chief, the late Togbe Kwasi Adiko, his sub-chiefs, and opinion leaders managed to have parcels of land around the then middle school released to the community for establishment of the school. Since the people of Tanyigbe were very much enthusiastic and interested in the establishing of a second cycle institution, they worked very hard through communal labour to build two teachers’ bungalows for which funds were provided by the government. Consequently almost all the buildings found on the compound currently were put up through communal labour while government and an NGO in one particular instance provided funds for the materials.

Since its existence, the school has had eight Heads namely; Mr. A.K. Domorgah, Mr. Nyalemegbe Daniel K. Martin-Edu, Mr. Victor Akude, Mr. Godson K. Padmore-Tettey, Mr. I.C.B. Saku, Ms. Agnes Afesi-Afornu, Ms. Peace Abassah-Addo and currently Ms. Diana-Ross Akoi as the Headmistress.
T|ASHS Campus
Between the years 2000 and 2002, the school’s enrolment dropped drastically and Ministry of Education signaled a possible closure if the community did nothing to improve the situation. Major General Anyidoho, one of the committed citizens of Tanyigbe accepted the challenge and together with the education Committee appointed by him, Mr. Benjamin Kpodo, Mr. Emmanuel Kwami Tide, Mr. Emmanuel Wuttor approached the Regional Director of Education in the persons of Miss Tawiah and Mr. Samuel Gyan.

After their own repeated investigations and general examination of the situation, Mr. Victor Akude, who was in charge of guidance and counselling in all second cycle institutions in the Volta Region at the time, agreed to leave his office to come to the rescue of the school. His personal drive, standard of discipline and encouragement to the community helped in many ways in restoring confidence in the school.

The Education committee under its chairmanship, Benjamin Kpodo also instituted competitive examinations for primary six pupils to ensure high standards at the entry point to Junior High Schools in order to ultimately raise the standards at the Senior High level. Another major initiative came from the Wutor family of Tanyigbe which established a major scholarship scheme for brilliant but needy students.  That scheme which is still in existence is not limited to only Tanyigbe citizens but to any student that deserves the award.

Vision of the School
The vision of the school is to become a beacon of hope for the underprivileged people of this community. To be a school of academic excellence capable of providing quality education to meet the aspiration of all stakeholders. To churn out people who will be beneficial to the community and the society they find themselves in. To develop infrastructure for conducive learning environment.

The mission of the school is to provide quality Secondary education for students of this community.  To provide quality teaching and learning environment that will equip students with basic life skills and vocations to make them whole.  This will be done through:
  • Ensuring that the fundamental objectives of the school and curriculum are achieved
  • Improving the infrastructure and providing a healthy school environment
  • Recruitment and retention of the best staff
  • Creating a motivating environment for teaching and learning
  • Adapting teaching methods to the needs of students
  • Frequent organization of in-service training to sharpen the skills of teachers and to bring them to be abreast of current trends in the teaching profession
  • The improvement of positive teacher-student relationship
The motto for this noble institution is ‘Wli Vevie’. This is an Ewe expression meaning ‘Strive Hard’. It implies that  when one comes to this school to offer any of the three courses one should not expect success on silver platter, rather, one should work very hard to achieve it.